Every year, millions of families rely on hospice to provide comfort to a loved one enduring a terminal illness. At a time when your thoughts are focused on your loved one, being able to trust your hospice care provider to handle important details for you provides an immeasurable amount of comfort during an often emotional family transition.

At Chapman Hospice, we offer professional, specialized, and certified care that caters to the unique needs of qualified hospice care.

It is difficult to know for certain when hospice care should be considered as part of the treatment for your loved one. Our medical and advocacy team can help you by discussing conditions and symptoms that act as indicators when hospice care is needed.

Hospice is about living with comfort and dignity through a difficult time. Hospice uses a variety of methods and services to provide comfort, compassion and support to patients with life limiting illness and their loved ones. Hospice care does not mean giving up on life. Hospice care means living life to the fullest. The primary focus of hospice care is on enhancing quality of life for the patient and loved ones

Our Social Work department is trained to integrate a multidimensional assessment and provide interventions to assist individuals and their families as they approach end of life. The end of a person's life is a unique experience that has a great impact on the person, his or her family system, and the family legacy. Our social work department takes a special interest in enhancing quality of life and promoting well-being for individuals, families, and caregivers.

Spiritual Care Counselors provide emotional and spiritual support through caring and personal contact with patient and family and works with all religious backgrounds and spiritual needs. The counselor attends weekly meetings with the physician and RN case manager for the purpose of helping define and achieve end of life goals per patient. SCC provides anticipatory grief counseling as needed, and remains personally available to patient and family during entire hospice experience and remains available to family post death for support and counseling through our 13 month bereavement care program.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 951-784-1388.